Failed to join meeting: 'JOIN_MEETING_FAILED'

I’m getting a “Failed to join meeting” error. I’m not sure what the problem is exactly, whether it is a key problem or an incorrect field. I’ve followed the code provided on Github.

Here is the signature returned from the backend (code from the zoom github : meetingsdk-auth-endpoint-sample:


PS: I would have embedded images and a link but it won’t let me

I am running Firefox.
Let me know if you need additional info

@mahthaki ,

Are you using General Apps on

Do make sure that you have turned on meeting sdk functionality. This is a toggle button.

I do have it toggled on.
I have not downloaded the SDK, I’m not really what it’s needed for, nor was it mentionned in the github repos I looked at.
And if I do have to download it, is it available in the linux package managers?

PS: I’d like to post a screenshot of my code but it won’t let me, any idea why ?

@mahthaki you can share a link to the screenshot here.

For Linux, there is no RPM packages, you will need to download and cmake it on a Linux / WSL machine

@mahthaki Hope you will be fine.

Please first verify that you have valid client id, secret and enabled embed.

Then if still issue please follow here

Still any issues please reply here.



My client ID and secret are valid. I’m using react and that video is now 2 years old and seems to be outdated (it uses SDK ID and SDK secret which don’t exist anymore), I’m not sure if the rest is up to date or not.

I followed the following code samples:

Hi, sorry for the delay I didn’t have access to my work computer.

Here is the frontend code I have

Like I said in the above post, I simply followed the code on the gihub links.
Is this outdated?It seems to have been updated recently.

I am confused because you said I should download the SDK but nowhere in this code is the SDK used.

@mahthaki is your meeting sdk app published? There was another phased enforcement recently where unpublished apps will no longer be able to join external meeting.

It was not, I will try publishing it, thanks, but I wish the error messages were more descriptive

Publishing it requires a lot of information. My app is just very simple. I want to join a zoom meeting, not necessarily as any specific user, just stream the zoom meeting to a webpage, is there nay easier way to do that ?

@mahthaki if you want to join external meeting, it is mandatory to publish your app

But how can I test anything if I don’t know how it will work ? I don’t have redirect URLS or anything like that, I don’t even know that I will need these because I don’t know how it will work since I can’t test it. Nothing in the github repo says anything about redirect

I don’t have Technical Design document, because again I’m not really making a zoom app. I’m making an app that sometimes needs to join external meetings. I don’t understand why or how other people would use that since I’m just doing a basic use of the API

@mahthaki can you raise your concerns here?