Failed to reserve workspace : Workspace Reservation API

Hi Zoom Team,

The Create Workspace Reservation API gives the following error when reserving a workspace.

"code" : 8201,
"message" : "Failed to reserve workspace."

Request Body looks like this:

  "start_time": "2023-03-15T22:00:54Z",
  "end_time": "2023-03-15T22:30:54Z",
  "meeting": {
    "end_to_end_encrypted": true,
    "password": "12345",
    "waiting_room": true
  "topic": "Testing",
  "reserve_for": "<User_id_inserted>"

I have followed the exact request body as mentioned in the API documentation given here:

This API used to work earlier but has stopped working recently. The other workspace APIs work fine.


Hi @skawade please submit a ticket while signed in to report this bug.

Include include your client id and client secret for the app whose credentials you’re using to make the request. Let them know it was previously working, when the last successful request was and when you started noticing request failure.