Raw Video not coming in sample app for linux sdk

I am trying the sample app for linux meeting sdk from : GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-headless-linux-sample: A demo on creating a headless meeting bot using the Zoom Meeting SDK for Linux and Docker

I have configured the config.ini file to receive both, raw audio and raw video.

However, I am seeing only the audio being saved, the video isnt being saved.

My config.ini looks like this :



Could you please guide me? Is there something else that needs to be done to get the video stream as well ?

@dhruv1778 ,

Are you able to cross reference this sample app as well?

It does similar features to get raw audio and raw video in a headless environment.

@dhruv1778, another reference is this sample app from Zoom.
This app uses Recall.ai, which is an API that gives you the audio and video recording from Zoom without you needing to configure anything.