Feature request for advanced zoom video player; Pause button on player stops sharing video

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I often need to stop a video when sharing to allow myself or others to speak. When I “pause the share”, the video is still full screened and shared with the audience. This doesnt really make sense as I am still sharing the video as an image… I could stop the share, but the player then closes and then I have to restart the entire process. I would also need to fast forward to the point I want to restart the video.

Describe the solution you’d like
I want the pause button on the advanced zoom video player to stop sharing the video when I select it.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I typically need to share 10 or more videos during a presentation. I open the videos in a VLC player and share them with the basic menu option. This works but the video will switch between full screen and normal size, and I also need to press a bunch of buttons to stop sharing when another presenter needs to talk.

Additional context
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Surely someone else must see the benefit to improving the zoom player share function. Anyone?