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I’m just looking for some advice, and to confirm if Zoom is the right tool for the job. I’m looking to embed video conferencing into my site which is written in .net. Potentially with the ability to screen share.

My understanding from reading the documentation is that I can have the following, please correct me if I’m wrong:

  1. Create meeting via WebSDK
  2. Allow users to join created meeting anonymously/with forced name. They would be logged into my site so could force them to use same username/email?
  3. Are there licensing requirements for a use case such as this?

Are there any resources specific to a .net based setup I could read over? Looking at the samples most are pointing towards PHP driven environments, or node.

Thank you,

Hey @2e-volve,

You can create meetings with the API, and then start / join them with the Web SDK. :slight_smile:

Yes! Just pass their info into the join object.

Nope, you just have to have a Pro Plan to develop with the SDK.

The Web SDK just needs an HTML and JS file. You can generate the Web SDK signature with .net.