Create proof of concept for Zoom meeting running in ASP.NET web page

I’m trying to evaluate incorporating hosting Zoom meetings in to our sales CRM web app (ASP.NET 4, Windows Server, Full DNF4, JQuery) which run on a desktop browser (Chrome, Edge etc). I understand using the REST API to manage users, meetings etc but I don’t understand how the client side code will work to host the meeting in an ASP.NET web page. Almost all of the sample code and technical info that I’ve seen refers to Node.js.

I’ve read the online docs, searched this forum, watched YouTube videos, downloaded the Web SDK, downloaded the sample app (and read README.MD), downloaded the Zoom plugin for MS Teams and created a free Zoom account.

Initially I just want to create a basic proof of concept (Preferably .html if possible) for displaying a meeting video in a web page. I can create the meeting via the Zoom plugin for MS Teams.


  1. Is it possible (or the best approach) to create the POC by modifying the sample app code in the CDN folder? If so then what changes would I need to make?

  2. Are there any HTML5 sample apps for hosting a meeting in a web page?

Hey @chris.fellows,

To embed the Web SDK, you need to have frontend JavaScript code, and an HTML page.

Here is the Sample App, and CDN version.


I’ve modified the CDN app but I can’t get it to join. I’ve searched the forums for this code. I’m using a free account which I assume is OK.

Join returns this:

Popup appears immediately:
Title=Joining meeting timeout, Text=Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again. Buttons=Retry or OK buttons

My actions:

  1. Created JWT app, made a note of key and secret.
  2. Modified CDN app:
    3.[Code change] Set key & secret variable.
  3. [Code change] Uncommented call to: ZoomMtg.setZoomJSLib(‘’, ‘/av’); I’ve also tried the Cloudfront URL which is the one recommended on the integrate instructions.
  4. [Code change] Added userEmail property to ZoomMtg.join arguments
  5. Created meeting in MS Teams, verified that I can join it from Zoom website (Chrome).

Hi @chris.fellows,

Be sure to remove the slashes within the meeting ID. Also, if that error still persist, can you DM me your Account number, API Key/Secret, and Meeting ID?

Can you Provide the sample code, for How to integrate Zoom meeting in Web Application .

@nikita.pandey - Please read through our documentation. We have a sample web app listed here as well -