Features- Virtual Reality

I have been using ZOOM for meeting purposes for the past couple of years, mainly for business purposes. And I have admit that it delivers top of the line user experience. I am aware that ZOOM has been updating the features for customer satisfaction every now and then. But, I have a small query regarding the video and video output experience. Since many applications have introduced virtual reality into their applications, can I expect the same from ZOOM?
I am of the opinion that, adapting such a feature would elevate the conference call experience.

Talking about new features, apart from the previous question is there any additional features available for the new ZOOM?
I am aware that ZOOM has a background effect feature. A feature that helps you to change the background, while the video is on. What if they introduce a virtual reality feature. That would be amazing I guess. With such smart self-learning ai services algorithms, the presentations and conference calls will become more interactive and interesting. I have seen many NEWS channels using such smart AR feature to present the NEWS in front of their viewers. Such experience will elevate the experience to a whole new level.