Virtual sets - Change canvas behind panelist boxes

Imagine something like the ‘Powerpoint as Virtual Background’ feature, but without the virtual background. The host shares an image or video, and can place all the panelist on top of this canvas and resize and reposition their videos.

Then allow these layouts to be saved and changed with hotkeys. So, the host could switch the canvas backgrounds, or what panelist are visible and their positions/sizes. It would make Zoom a much more TV like production, and become more of virtual event space.

To really make it functional, allow a video stream to be the canvas feed. So, somebody could use production software like vMix or OBS to a virtual cam, and then change the background more dynamically on the fly. If there was hotkeys ability for saved “virtual sets” in Zoom, these could be triggered in combination with changes in other production software… allowing for very dynamic changes as a webinar is in progress.

Why use Zoom at all you might ask? When we could just use vMix and stream it to like Vimeo. Well, we do. I was just trying to think through what would allow me to use Zoom instead, as I greatly prefer Zoom’s ability to handle unsophisticated video guest.