Video Background Blur

Microsoft Teams has this feature and Skype just received it. I know that Zoom has virtual backgrounds which is similar, but having a native, easy to enable video background blur would be much better. This would be a great feature to add to match competitors.



Thank you for suggesting this feature request. I will forward this request to our development team, and they will consider adding this feature in our future releases.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Ojus from Zoom

Yes a background blur would be much more helpful than a virtual background.

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Hey @sam_hustis, we do have this planned. :slight_smile:


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This would be a really good feature. Is there an ETA?

Yes, this should be top, top, top of the priority list! Microsoft Teams had it for a long time, and Google introduced it earlier this year to much appreciation for a reason.

What is the ETA on this?

Given Zoom’s omnipresence and enormous market share in professional settings, this really needs to happen now (really 6 months ago) :slight_smile:

Is this something that is coming with the new Video Filters feature? Pro users would rather have a blurred background than a shark mouth :smile: