Fetching past scheduled type 2 meeting details

I will be requesting the create meeting endpoint to create a type 2 meeting, which is scheduled with duration of 120min, and a start time in UTC now iso8601 format.

After 120min, I want to fetch the details about that meetings to save to my relational database. I will be using GET Past Meeting Details endpoint and LIST Ended Meeting Instances endpoint.

Can I suppose that type 2 scheduled meeting does not have more than one instance because it is not a type 3 recurring meeting? Thus only requesting the GET Past Meeting Details endpoint directly without going through the LIST Ended Meeting Instances endpoint first?

If not, is the start_time that I get from the LIST Ended Meeting Instances against the start_time that I have saved in the database when I created meeting a safe way to filter the meeting instance that I am looking for? If no, please advice for an alternative.

Hi @bmartin ,

Your assumption is valid provided you are not creating the meeting with a static personal meeting id!

Hi, @bmartin please bind Zoom Events (meeting.created, meeting.started, meeting.ended). In the payload of events, you have meeting.id, meeting.type and meeting.uuid.

On meeting.created add meeting to your DB and on meeting.started update meeting.uuid and meeting.start_time and on meeting.ended you just needed to update meeting.end_time.

meeting.id is unique globally in all instances. But every instance has its own meeting.uuid.

Hope that works. If not then just let me know.