Fetching recording of a recurring meeting

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We are in process of integrating Zoom services in our Servicenow instances. So far we have successfully integrated some of your services thru your REST APIs.
Now, we have another requirement. We would like to fetch meeting recordings of a recurrent meeting. We are able to create the recurrent meetings. We understood that for a recurrent meeting, we have a meeting_id and an occurence_id which are used to fetch a particular meeting recording from your Zoom REST APIs.

But there is twist in here. As per the requirement laid out. We would like to fetch the recording of the meeting based on the Email notification Zoom sends out when the Cloud recording is available. In the template (Zoom’s), there is a mention of Subject of the meeting, Timing of the meeting and two meeting recording links. Now we will parse this mail and extract the meeting link and store in a table against a respective occurrence of that meeting slot. Since there is no mention of the occurrence_id in the meeting mail, how to do this in a clear way. As there is only one possible way to go with the timing of the meeting but that would be clumsy.

We would like to have your guidance in achieving this. Is it possible somehow to receive the occurrence_id in the Zoom notification email body itself ? Or any other alternative you people can suggest ?

Please let us know.

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Thank you for reaching out to Zoom. We have received your request and will be responding to you shortly.



An easier way would be to subscribe to the Recording Complete Event . Would this implementation work for you?

Thank you Ojus…
Will explore this option.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@z.zoom.zoom.zoom.zoo let me know if you have any additional concerns!