How we enable breakout feature in Zoom SDK Mobile

Hi we are using client SDK in our mobile application and i have paid account i share meeting link with my friends he share his screen from computer. i want that will see separate when i client on any one it will be open and after that when i click on breakout option than all 4 person will be visible on one screen
after that if i want to do full size on any screen i can do double client that will be full size.
my many user can join from mobile-only we 4 person share his screen from computer and that will be visible in mobile sdk kindly help me how i can do this please

Which Android Client SDK version?
we are using laytest version of sdk

Hi @AshfaqBhatti, thanks for using the dev forum.

Apologies, but I am having some trouble understanding what you are looking to accomplish with the SDK. What I understand is that you want to have 4 users join a meeting, with one o the users sharing their screen. I don’t understand what you are looking to do with breakout rooms in this scenario, or what you mean by “full size on any screen”. Can you please clarify so that I can better assist?


I want to know how I can create breakout room and how I show that room in client sdk on button press
Please help

Hi @AshfaqBhatti, thanks for clarifying.

In order to create a breakout room through the SDK, you can call createBO with a String representing the name of the breakout room.

In order to know when the current user’s breakout related permissions have changed, you can implement an instance of the InMeetingBOControllerListener and add it via addListener.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


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