Breakout Rooms Option not visible

Hi, we have enabled Zoom breakout rooms but it is not visible when the class is started.

Am I missing something? We tried enabling from the API also but it did not work.

The logs are available here:


Hi @helloparent, thanks for the post.

Can you elaborate on what specifically is not visible please? Also if you are utilizing any of the APIs from the InMeetingBOController instance and not seeing the intended behavior, definitely include any possible info on that as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @jon.zoom

I meant that we are not able to see the option of creating or joining breakout rooms. Snapshot as below:

Also, InMeetingBOController mentioned in this is the instance of SDK. What do we need to do with that.

Hi @helloparent,

The default UI for the Android SDK does not support breakout room admin functionality. You will only be able to participate in breakout rooms, but cannot create or manage them.

The InMeetingBOController object can be obtained through ZoomSDK.getInstance().getInMeetingService().getInMeetingBOController();. However, this functionality is built for use within a fully customized UI. For an example implementation that utilizes breakout rooms on Android, feel free to take a look at our sample app on GitHub.

For more information on which platforms support breakout room management in the default UI, see our support page for managing breakout rooms.


Thanks @jon.zoom. This resolved the issue.