File Extension in Zoom Meeting API (users/{userID}/recordings)

Dear Zoom developer

We have used the Zoom Meeting API (GET users/{userID}/recordings) to get file information and download the files by using the another API.

Now, we need to confirm that the all of the file extenion in (GET users/{userID}/recordings) which can be download in our application process, so we would like to create all of the files with mp4/m4a/TXT/VTT/CSV/JSON/JPG in zoom recording storage.

The question is we cannot figure out any solution to create CSV file and JPG file.

What operation or what preference should we set in the zoom setting to generate the CSV file and the JPG file in the clouding storage?

【Simplify the question】
We would like to download the CSV files and JPG file in the Recording Management Detail Page.
Please help us to create the CSV files and JPG files.

※ The reason why we need to create the CSV files and JPG files is the API document determinate that the file externsion may happen in this API, so we need to confirm that.

Waiting for any reply and hope anyone may help us.

Best Regards.
Thank you