Finding the API endpoint for Phone System usage reports

Hi all,

I am having some trouble finding the API endpoint for Phone System usage reports looking at the Zoom Developer documentation. I am able to find the report manually through the following method: > My Account > Account Management > Reports > Phone System > By Users

Essentially, what I am trying to get is Zoom Phone usage statistics for each user in my domain. From my understanding, a GET /report/telephone call pulls data on users who are dialling into meetings via phone, rather than usage of Zoom Phone itself.

Seeing as the report can be accessed from the UI, there must be a related API call to get this report. I don’t suppose anybody here has been able to pull the same report before?

Thanks very much!

Hi @R120120
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Have you taken a look at our Get Operation logs report endpoint here:

Here is the link to our Zoom Phone API endpoints:


Thank you, this is what I was looking for - I was having trouble navigating the documentation. Much appreciated!

Happy to hear that helped! @R120120
We just launched our new docs site