Firebase as WebHook Endpoint

I have been working on setting up Zoom WebHooks set to a Firebase database as endpoint.


My understanding from Zoom documentation is that its WebHooks are simply HTTP POST requests.  

My endpoint URL properly updates my database in response to HTTP POST requests, as confirmed by tests from my development app

However, with the same endpoint URL in the Zoom WebHook config page, the database is not updating its response to triggering events, such as starting a meeting.

Details, including screenshots: here

Has anyone had experience with using Firebase for their Zoom WebHook endpoint?

Do I need to configure my database differently to update from Zoom WebHooks than from generic HTTP POST requests?


Can you provide more details about your endpoint?  Make sure your endpoint is work fine.

I just found out that firebase requires that WebHook data be in the body of HTTP POST request as a JSON object, as opposed to being in the form fields as url-encoded.

Is it possible for Zoom WebHooks in my account to be configured to post the form fields in the body as url-encoded?

@David, we will release v2 webhooks, the request data will be put in the body. So please wait for a while.

@Harris, do you have any estimated timeframe for release of v2 webhooks?

@David, will be released in the next two months.

Thanks, great to hear!