Zoom Webhook not firing for https endpoints



I have tried it with different servers.

If I use http endpoint then webhook is fired & I receive data but if I am using https url then webhook is never fired.

I have also checked webhook logs it doesn’t log any call with https endpoint which means it never fired.

I am using v2 version.

Anybody faced similar issue?




Hi Thomas. 

Thanks for letting us know about your issue. Are the endpoints over HTTPS available for POST methods? Also, please send us your account ID to developersupport@zoom.us so that we can take a closer look. 





Thanks Micheal

I have already created a support ticket last week from my account  & the issue have’t been fixed yet.




I have the exact same issue. Webhooks did not fire to my https endpoint.  Changed to http: and now webhook fires, however $_POST array is empty (php endpoint). I currently have my account set to send all events (testing functionality). I’m wondering if there is anything else I need to configure to get something useful from webhooks?


Hi MoneyTrax, 

We support both HTTPS and HTTP endpoints. Please send an email along with your account ID and endpoint to developersupport@zoom.us so that we can take a closer look. 



Hi Michael


Can you please check if there is issue with webhooks not working with sites using Let’s encrypt ssl certificate.

I have 2 different servers & it’s not working for any of them.

Both servers have Let’s encrypt ssl certificate installed.




Hi Thomas, 

Our developers are still looking into this issue. Could you tell us what TLS version you are using?




I have asked my hosting provider about TLS version.

Meanwhile I tested my ssl with online tool, see attached screenshot.

Does it contains the information you need ?



Hi Thomas, 

Thanks for providing us the information. We are planning to update our JDK on our end to resolve the issue with HTTPS. The update should take place during our May release.  







Hi Thomas, 

We have updated our JDK on our side to fix the issue. Can you test to see if your HTTPS endpoints are working now?