[FIXED, C# WRAPPER] System audio device changes do not fire events

Calls to Add_CB_onComputerMicDeviceChanged and Add_CB_onComputerSpeakerDeviceChanged do not work. Specified callbacks are registered but never fired.

I created pull request #27 to fix the problem.

Which version?
C# Wrapper v4.6.21666.0428

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Use Add_CB_onComputerMicDeviceChanged(cb) and Add_CB_onComputerSpeakerDeviceChanged(cb) in your code, then connect/disconnect USB headphones.

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device Spec: PC
  • OS: Windows
  • Version 10

Hi @bragma

Thanks for the post and the pull request. Let me forward your pull request to the engineering team. Will provide update in the pull request.