Follow up: New participantUUID is not included in participant joined/left webhooks

Hi @elisa.zoom
Iust following up on my post below regarding participant UUID in the participant.joined/left webhooks ((and it seems I missed the post being auto closed by 4 mintues)…have you had a chance to test this and would it be possible assuming it is behaving in the way described to add this property?

Hi @jon6
Thanks for your patience while I worked on this issue.
It looks like we have not gotten rid of the id field in the participant object from the webhooks payload.
I am not sure when we will deprecate this field completely since we have to give some time to developers that rely on this field in their code.

I would suggest you to start implementing or giving priority to using the participant_user_id field to make sure that in the future when it’s not part of the payload, you won’t be affected by any changes.

I am aware of the inconvenience that it could be for you and I appreciate your patience.

Thank you for the update @elisa.zoom.

The actual core issue is that the new participantUUID field which is standard way to reference participants in a meeting (via Zoom Apps) is not available in this webhook.

The participantUUID field is different than the “participant_user_id”.

  • The “participant_user_id” represents the zoom user id. This is the actual user in zoom.
  • The “id” also represent the zoom user id. Understandable that you cannot remove this due for backwards compatibility, but I recommend you deprecate this. It’s a misnomer.
  • The “user_id” represents the deprecated numeric id of the participant. We have been advised to no longer reference this in our Zoom Apps.
  • The “participantUUID” in the zoomapps SDK represents a new unique uuid assigned to a participant for the duration of a meeting regardless of whether they enter a breakout room or not. Link: Participant | @zoom/appssdk - v0.16.4

Would it be possible to add a field to the participant object named “uuid” which would be populated with the “participantUUID”? This would be consistent with the “uuid” on the meeting object for the meeting webhoook and enable us to not have to use a deprecated property.

 object: {
             uuid: 'oenoewijoijewoirwer==', // MEETING UUID 
             host_id: 'klmlsjdasdsd',
             participant: {
                  user_id: '123456789', // <- THIS IS DEPRECATED ACCORDING TO ZOOM APPS TEAM
                  id: 'jnjnewqeqwe',
                  uuid: '4C81FD78-DF2F-4BA8-B833-0FB7EF29BCA3', // <- NEED THIS... = participantUUID
                  participant_user_id: 'jnjnewqeqwe'

Hi @elisa.zoom, have you had a chance to look into this further? Having the new participant UUID would make integrations with webhooks and zoom apps much less complicated and error prone.

Just wanted to hop on this thread and say that we would also love this feature. Right now just the user_id on the webhooks isn’t sufficient, since we often want to have the host app act on a participant, thus we need the participantUUID to give to the zoom apps SDK. It would be helpful to have this information on onBreakoutRoomChange as well

Hi @jon6
I totally see the value of this, could you please go ahead and open up a feature request here

So it will get to the right team

just looked at the webhook event names, and just wanted to clarify that I meant Meeting participant has joined a breakout room and Meeting participant has left a breakout room when I say onBreakoutRoomChange

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Thanks @austin
I am documenting this in order to make the feature request for this!


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ok will do. Thank you @elisa.zoom !

Ok I’ve made a post. Please lmk if there’s anything else I can do. Thanks for your help!

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