New participantUUID is not included in participant joined/left webhooks


I’m trying to receive a webhook when a participant joins a meeting so that I can tie that participant to an existing profile.

In order to do this I need the “participant UUID” as well as the the users unique zoom UUID in order to do a lookup.

I’m using participantUUID as the participantID (numeric id) has been deprecated however the participant event webhooks do not return the participantUUID.

API Endpoint/s?
Share the API endpoint/s you’re working with to help give context.
Participant Joined
Participant Left

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
*1. Setup a zoom app (or any app that utilizes these webhooks
*2. Add events with webhooks for Participant Joined and Participant Left
*3. Setup your backend app to receive webhooks and log the result
*4. Start a zoom meeting

Observe the result:

  "payload": {
    "account_id": "WJRftkWqQsXXXXXXXX",
    "object": {
      "uuid": "g/0pq/6TTasdasdQZXXXXXXXX", 
      "participant": {
        "user_id": "16778240",  // This is users participant ID which is deprecated.
        "user_name": "Joe Smith",
        "participant_user_id": "abracadabraLwoXXXXXXXX", // This is users zoom uid
        "id": "abracadabraLwoXXXXXXXX",  // This is users zoom uid

        "join_time": "2022-07-11T01: 17: 29Z",
        "email": ""
    "id": "97643491234",
    "type": 1,
    "topic": "Joe's Zoom Meeting",
    "host_id": "abracadabraLwoXXXXXXXX",
    "duration": 262148,
    "start_time": "2022-07-11T01: 17: 29Z",
    "timezone": ""
  "event_ts": 1657502251908,
  "event": "meeting.participant_joined"

I would expect the participant object to look like this.

{ ...
"participant": {
        "participant_id": "16778240",  // This is deprecated but using participant_id would avoid confusion with user id. 
         "participant_uuid": "eb94a80c-57da-46d0-b5ca-b2694fa693df",  // This is what I need.
        "user_name": "Joe Smith", 
        "participant_user_id": "abracadabraLwoXXXXXXXX", // This is users zoom uid
        "id": "abracadabraLwoXXXXXXXX",  // This is users zoom uid
        "join_time": "2022-07-11T01: 17: 29Z",
        "email": ""

Would it be possible to update these and all events that involve participants with the participant uuid so that we don’t need to use a deprecated field?

Hey @jon6

Thank you for bringing this up to us!
I will go ahead and do some testing on my end and will come back to you with an update shortly!

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