For adding user in your account

I’m testing zoom api with server to server app. And It is account level app.
Whenever we are creating new user using zoom api, Is zoom price & plan will be per user that we are adding.
And second question is that the user we added , will be having 40 minutes time limit for a meeting or it will be more.

If the user is already have an account on zoom with that email that we are going to create. Will it be creating new user or will it be showing error?

Hi @akhilesh.chaurasiya0 ,

You determine the type of licensing the user will have in the API request to create the user:

Yes you will not be able to create a user with the same email unless they disassociate from their pre-existing Zoom account.

Thank you for reply @gianni.zoom ,
I have an scenario whether it possible or not.
Suppose I’m the admin, And I have created two meetings with the same date and same time. And I want to send One host_url to a person and the second meeting url with the other person. Can both users can host the meeting? If it is no , is there any possiblities.

Hi @akhilesh.chaurasiya0 ,

You can have concurrent meetings with each person hosting their singular designated meeting. Does that answer your question?

Here’s more info on this:,or%20by%20an%20alternative%20host.