Zoom Integartion in backend


Our Requirements

We want to integrate zoom in our application. We have three users types

  1. Admin

  2. Therapist

  3. Patient

Admin has account on zoom marketplace. And the therapist have appointments with the patient. Whenever therapist is creating an appointment by default a zoom meeting should be created on appointment time interval that means meeting creation is handled by backend side for the therapist.

And the therapist should be our host the patient should be our participant. We want to handle users (create, update etc) and meetings (create, update etc) in backend server using Zoom API.

Which app types in suitable for our requirements. Is it server to server oauth or oauth or zoom apps or another one?


Appointment has these details


StartDateTime: DateTime,

TimeInterval : minutes


We will use these details to create meeting for the therapist and patient.

@akhilesh.chaurasiya0 Hope you will be fine.

  • If you need Zoom REST API Integration → Server-to-Server OAuth (Account-Level)
  • If you have a need for Hosting and Joining from your site/system then → Meeting SDK
  • If you have a need in meeting operations then → Zoom App

If still any query please ask. Thanks

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Thanks for your reply!

I have signed as admin in zoom marketplace. And I have free account.

When I am adding new user in my app (server to server) from the postman.
(API request as your zoom api is suggested.)
I’m getting this response


"code": 200,

"message": "No privilege."


Should I upgrade my account? I want to add other user and create meeting for this users and add participants. This one for testing purpose.


You must have

  • user:write:admin scope
  • Pro or higher Plan to add Zoom Users using REST API

Any query please ask. Thanks

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Hi @freelancer.nak
I’m testing zoom api with server to server app. And It is account level app.
Whenever we are creating new user using zoom api, Is zoom price & plan will be per user that we are adding.
And second question is that the user we added , will be having 40 minutes time limit for a meeting or it will be more.

If the user is already have an account on zoom with that email that we are going to create. Will it be creating new user or will it be showing error?

Hi @akhilesh.chaurasiya0 ,

Please see my response here: For adding user in your account - #2 by gianni.zoom


I have the same use case and the same user types. Can you explain to me how you resolved this and how you managed to create Zoom meetings? Also, did you create every therapist as a user in your account to create a Zoom meeting?

In my case, therapists and patients register on my portal, and patients can create a Zoom meeting with therapists, meaning patients are the hosts in the Zoom meeting. So, I need to create every patient as a user in Zoom?

@freelancer.nak @gianni.zoom, your suggestions are also valuable.