For Published Zoom Apps -- Privacy Attestations

As part of our continual efforts to protect our users’ privacy, Zoom is requiring all developers to attest to how user data is processed. This information will need to be updated in your app/integration’s technical design document (TDD). It is important that you submit an updated TDD with completed data privacy questions by February 28th, 2023. Failure to complete the updated TDD by this deadline will result in the suspension of your app/integration from the Zoom App Marketplace. You can look at the FAQ here ( I will be on next week’s Zoom Apps Developer Office Hours to answer any questions that you all might have.

We submitted an update to our app last week with the Privacy Attestation filled out & transitioned to the new more secure verified webhooks setup.

We were surprised to see an estimated 4+ week review backlog estimate. Is the 4+ weeks estimated app review queue timeline accurate for updates to existing marketplace apps? Or just generic boilerplate upper bound estimate mostly targeted at new Zoom Apps?

TBC: Is there a different review queue for small incremental updates for existing approved apps like this focused on security & metadata/attestation improvements? Or for marketing-only updates?

Or should we indeed expect average review times of ~ a month every time we push out a minor update?

Thanks & appreciate the clarification on this,

Thank you for filling out the attestations. I will check with the QA team and give you a timeframe you can expect an approval.

Ethan, you are correct that is boilerplate language and represents the upper bound estimate for new Zoom Apps. Although, I’m sorry that I don’t have any estimates on incremental changes that you spoke of in your message.

Hi Shariq. We submitted our app in December and I think the new attestation process may have already been in place at that time. Can you check to see if we’ve completed the requirements or we need to re-submit?

Hello, I’m a little confused-- we completed the TDD. Does this mean we now need to re-submit the app, or is simply filling out the TDD all we need to do?


Hi @richardp
In order for us to have your updated TDD, you will have to submit your app for an update, please.

Hi Elisa, we resubmitted our App late last year with some updates. Can you check if it has been cleared through this new update resubmission process.
Thank you!

The new privacy questions and TDD were released early December. If your update came before that, then you will have to answer those privacy questions.

Hi. What does ‘suspension’ mean? If the app uses zoom api (e.g. create meeting api) , will the requests of api fail after February 28th ?

Suspension means that your app will removed from the Marketplace and no new users can add it. The Zoom App will continue to work as normal. This gives you a chance to update your TDD. The final step would be to disable your Zoom App altogether.

You can read about suspensions and disabling policies here.

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