We'd updated our TDD on Dec 20 and got another reminder on Jan 27

We’d updated our TDD for published Zoom Apps on Dec 20, 2022 but got another reminder on Jan 27, 2023. The reminder says to complete the data privacy questions by February 28, 2023 .

at App Marketplace
the app status says “Published”, and “Updated Dec 20, 2022”

Hey Guidde!

Thank you for posting on the Zoom Developer Forum. I just confirmed in our Marketplace Backend that you have made the required updates, thank you for keeping your app up to date with our requirements!

We apologize you received this additional email reminder, we are working to exclude developers who have made the required updates from receiving additional updates, but the fix has not been applied yet.

No additional work is needed from you regarding your TDD and Privacy Attestations at this time. If you receive additional reminders in the coming weeks, you can mark them as ‘read’.