Updating TDD for Published App with no new features

We have updated the TDD for security and privacy queries as requested. There are no other changes planned in our Zoom app. The application is working fine.
Do we need to

  1. Re-validate the domain again and update the verifyzoom.html in the zoomverify folder??? Will that be a different code that prior verification? Can’t proceed to submit without this.
  2. Provide release notes for the app reviewer?? (no new features added except for TDD update)
  3. Provide release notes for the app user?? It states “optional” so assuming that it is not required.
  4. Provide Login Page URL, user name, password ?? Can that URL be the official one with credentials provided for Zoom reviewer? Why is this required if the only change is for the TDD queries.

We cannot proceed to submit unless we do the above steps but seems like they are unnecessarily repeated since our app is already published and working for several months. Can the TDD be reviewed without this final step?

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I have similar question posted here: TDD app update submission & webhook endpoint validation

I have the same question as @comptonmc_filo

Hi @andrei1
Is your app published in the Marketplace? Could you confirm that you are facing the same issue as Matt, where the endpoints where you are receiving events were implemented before October 2022?

If so, could you please share the name of your app with me so I can reach out to the Marketplace team?

Hi @abhayacharekar
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum and welcome to our community!
Could you please confirm that your app is published in the Marketplace?
If so, I do not think you need to re-validate the domain or provide release notes since your app is already published.

Hi Elisa, yes our app is published to the marketplace, it’s called ’ Sonero.ai’. And yes, the webhooks were implemented before October 2022 as well.


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Yes, Elisa, the app FranDesQ was approved in Dec 2020 and no features have been added. By the way, Andrei in this thread is not a part of FranDesQ app. I am clarifying this since the question was directed to me but Andrei answered on behalf of his app which is different than ours. The Submit button does not enable unless the domain is validated again. However, I checked that re-validating the domain creates the same exact zoomverify.html as before and so it does not hurt to re-validate though an unnecessary step.


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Hi Elisa, we have a number of published apps. for which we have updated the TDD per the reminders from Zoom. The instructions are not very clear on:

  1. Whether we must hit Submit after updating the TDD information,
  2. Will the app become unpublished if we do so, in which case it will affect our existing users.
    Could you please confirm what we should expect?

Apps. in question are:
Modern Hire - Com
Modern Hire - AU
Modern Hire - EU
Modern Hire - UAT

Thank you for your attention!

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Hi @ModernHire
If you have updated the TDD you will have to hit submit so the Marketplace team can review and approve the app on their end.

Now, @abhayacharekar @andrei1 I have reached out to the Marketplace team about this issue and it looks like there was a misunderstanding and miscommunication on our end.

It looks like your apps are Oauth apps and are NOT AT RISK for suspension at the end of this month or disabling at the end of March.

We will be engaging all published apps to complete TDD and PA this year, but at this time ONLY Zoom Apps will be suspended/disabled if they do not complete the TDD and PA requirements.

Here are the steps that you can follow to verify if your app is a Zoom App or an OAuth app:

Go to App Marketplace > Find your published app (will have ‘Published’ under the Status Column) > If this app is ‘Zoom App’ in the ‘Type’ Column you are required to fill in the technical design section and submit an update. If this app is ‘OAuth’ in the ‘Type’ Column no TDD or Privacy Attestation is required at this time

Hope this helps,

Thank you Elisa! All Modern Hire apps. are published OAuth apps. So, based on what you are saying, we should be fine not updating our TDD.

I hope the Zoom team will send out a message clarifying this as I am sure there are plenty of developers with this issue.

Yes, ours is an OAuth app too. However, in that case, you should neither send emails nor should you give a warning in when we login to manage our OAuth App. In any case, we have also updated the privacy and security docs. Now, I am just confused from a business perspective as to why all apps are not expected to update privacy policy!

Another feedback I would like to give is that it would be nice if we could see our prior TDD versions and responses. So, unless we have saved our responses (luckily we have!) there could be some inconsistencies in the new responses.

Correct, @ModernHire for now you are good, your app is not at risk.
Thank you for your feedback and we will clarify this issue for all devs.
Thanks a lot

Hi @abhayacharekar
I totally understand and as I mentioned, we will be engaging with all published apps to complete the TDD and PA this year.
This first deadline was only for published Zoom Apps but again, all published apps will be required to update both TDD and PA.

I appreciate your feedback and I will make sure to pass it along to the Marketplace team

We are currently facing the same problem with the Zoom developer portal, it appears we are unable to submit an updated TDD without repeating steps we already completed like validating our domain (we are also a published OAuth app that has no new features and has been working for several months).

We have received repeated emails from the Zoom Marketplace team that we need to provide an updated TDD and have responded to those emails with the appropriate documents but have not received a response, only more follow up emails that we need to submit the documents. How can we get our TDD reviewed without repeating the steps we have already completed? cc @elisa.zoom

Hi @mav_team
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here
Could you please share with me the name of your app so I can reach out to the Zoom Marketplace team to ask for the status of your app

The name of the app is Maven.com, you can see it on the Zoom Marketplace here: App Marketplace

Thank you in advance for your help!

@elisa.zoom Any update on this? Thanks in advance!

Hi @mav_team
Thanks for your patience here!
I just heard back from our Marketplace team and they just approved your TDD so you should be good.


I received the email “Update TDD for published Zoom Apps by February 28, 2023” in February of this year.
I immediately applied for a TDD, which later turned out to be unnecessary.
The status of my app is still Functional Review.
The name of my app is ATTAZoo G for Zoom.

Do I need to work on it?