G-Cal integration request: share meeting ownership with specific users

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
as a team user I am not always able to attend the meetings I may schedule but I want my engineering partner to have access to the zoom meeting and/or ability to record → current function limits who ‘owns’ the meeting based on G-cal meeting owner permissions which are either 1 owner or ‘allow all guests to modify event’

Describe the solution you’d like
I want to ‘share’ zoom meeting ownership with specific meeging attendees so that if am unable to start the meeting, they can won the meeting, and i can come back halfway through

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
alternative is making every team meeting ‘allow guests to modify’ event permisions in G-cal but then sometimes people delete the event for themselves but inadvertently delete the event for everyone bc they don’t realize they have modify permission → limiting the fix to zoom would solve this

Additional context
this is a G-Cal integration problem, maybe not even a Zoom fix but perhaps there’s a way to share the solution with them [unable to upload screenshot but go to a meeting you own in g-cal → under guest list → view Guest Permissions → edit → ‘Modify Event’