Share Meetings with other Users on Same Account

We have a Zoom account with 2 users. When one user creates a Meeting, they would like to be able to “share” it with the other user, so that both users see the Meeting in their “Meetings” list, and can start or join the meeting from there.

Currently, there is an option to add the other person as an “optional co-host” who can start the meeting, and that sends an email to the other person who can start the meeting via a link. But that’s not convenient, especially for recurring weekly meetings.

We are a team who almost always join client meetings together, but could occasionally have separate meetings, so just a check box like “Share this meeting with other team members” and then maybe that opens a drop-down to select team members to share it with, would be helpful. We’re only 2, but conceivably you could have a group of 10 people in an account who all may want the ability to see upcoming meetings and start/join them from their own account.

For now, we’ll have to make one of our accounts the “Company” account, and we’ll have to share a single login and both start/join from that login. But that’s inconvenient and clunky. Sharing the meeting with other teams members, who would then see the meetings in their “Meetings” list, would be the better solution.