Gallery view automatically switch to speaker view after spotlighting someone

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
In the past (recent release) when I used spotlight, gallery view remained. That was very helpful. It was very easy to keep spotlighting people in order. Now every single spotlight forces speaker view.

Describe the solution you’d like
Bring back solution from recent release.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Provide an option: or gallery view should be forced to quit when spotlighting or not.

Additional context
As a host when I am in gallery view I would like to spotlight users one by one in order to ‘introduce’ them. Not it is very difficult. When I spotlight somebody it becomes speaker view and it is very hard to find out who should be spotlighted next. Besides, I need to perform additional operation every single time (turn gallery view) - it costs time. Imagine 100 people to introduce / spotlight.


I’ll add my voice to this one too. We hold meetings with Q&A in sign language and don’t use a mic so spotlighting is manual and this really get’s the way. If the view would stay as it was in either mode that the user selected before spotlighting that would be perfect. It used to be like that.


This feature is highly needed. I use zoom with the dual monitor setting turned on and its frustrating every time you spotlight someone the Gallery view changes over to speaker view. This doesn’t make any sense as now I have 2 windows showing the Speaker View. Whats the point of the Dual Monitor setting if they are both showing the same thing? Need to be able to have Gallery View stick when using Dual Monitors.


I agree with you. This feature is definitely needed. I want to be able to spotlight individual meeting participants for my class without spotlighting them for myself and without switching to speaker view for myself.

Today, I was trying to spotlight several students in rapid succession so they could show their math whiteboard work to the class. Going back to gallery view between every one was tedious. It would have been much nicer to have been able to spotlight one person and then click replace spotlight on another immediately without the extra work of leaving speaker view.

Additionally, having my students’ screens automatically go back to their default (gallery view) after spotlighting has ended would be nice.

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I would also request this. A simple checkbox in the preferences ‘automatically switch to speaker view when spotlighting locally’.

Similar and related possibly another checkbox: ‘automatically switch to speaker view when spotlighting remotely’

This behavior is poor for clients too. I use zoom on two screens, setting #1 on gallery view and #2 on active speaker. When the host spotlights one or more people, now both monitors show the spotlight. I have to manually set screen #1 back to gallery every time.

Older Zoom versions had a much more sensible dual-monitor behavior: screen #1 would stay on gallery view, and screen #2 would switch between active speaker or spotlight depending on the host’s actions.


I agree this is a problem, we record for youtube in both gallery and speaker views so we can edit together as we sit fit but after spotlight the gallery view recording switches to speaker view.

Yes! Two sides of this that are annoying. We’re a church that is worshiping on Zoom. As the host, we sometimes want to spotlight people during the service for them to speak. It would be very helpful as the host to be able to spotlight participants and stay in gallery view so we can still see everyone.

It would also be helpful when you remove the spotlight for Zoom to go back to your previous viewing mode instead of always to Active Speaker. Currently, if you are watching in Gallery mode, the host spotlights someone, and then removes the spotlight you are now in Active Speaker mode. It would be nice to pop back to Gallery.

I should also add, that both computers used for this were host or co-host. It’s better if all other participants switch to speaker view as they do currently.

So maybe the options should be

'This host / co host should automatically switch to speaker view when spotlighting locally’.


'This host / co host should automatically switch to speaker view when spotlighting remotely’

I agree with this request. I use the dual-screen mode within Zoom to capture both a gallery view and spotlight view for live stream productions. But since this recent update, I have to keep running an older version of Zoom to be able to view gallery and spotlight at the same time. I don’t understand why spotlighting would switch both of my views back to active speaker. What is the point of having 2 monitors if they are forced to display the same thing. I would love to use some of Zoom’s new features but until this functionality is corrected I cannot update my software without ruining my production workflow.

I Agree with this request.
when I spotlight the participant, this mean I need to show only this participant in speaker view, but zoom suddenly force it to galery view , this action is so annoying.

It would be really great to have an option to turn this off. Some may like it automatically switching to speaker view, but obviously many do not.

I was in a reunion type meeting. I liked those being spotlighted showing up at the top of the list, so to speak, but in our situation easily seeing everyone else’s reactions is fabulous. I hit alt-F2 so many times.

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I, too, agree with this request – it is particularly troubling when I need to spotlight myself next in the program. Because the only way to spotlight myself when the spotlight is on someone else is by way of gallery view (could we change that, too?)

This would be a very important feature for us. It is difficult to add any more reason to the ones already mentioned above. The Zoom operation becomes very difficult when you quickly need to switch the spotlight from one participant to the other in a fashion time.
We totally agree with the option of adding a new setting called “Automatically switch to Speaker View when spotlighting”. Thus, we could turn it off for a smooth operation.
Thank you very much for considering this request!

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I would really like it to be a checkbox to decide whether or not it switches back to speaker view or stays on gallery view after spotlighting someone. And I have a reason that hasn’t been mentioned yet:

I’m a magician, and I use OBS as a virtual camera. I would like to have an OBS scene where it shows two boxes - one with my camera and one with the gallery view. This is easy with window capture, but that means I have to be in gallery view to show them the OBS scene properly (to window capture the gallery view).

The problem starts when I want to spotlight someone - it switches back to speaker view and leaves guests with a screen including the spotlit volunteer and my camera box stuck in window capture, so it shows an endless mirror of the speaker view.

I would like to be able to go into gallery view, spotlight someone and it stays in gallery view, then switch back to my speaker scene in OBS as well as switch to speaker view in Zoom so it all transitions smoothly.

This would be a major step forward from currently needing dual monitors as well as being logged into two accounts and making one of them co-host just so I can be spotlit and also pin people. This elaborate setup is convoluted for no reason. Everything would be solved if the option to stay in gallery view after spotlight was available.

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Agreed. What used to be smooth transitioning is now very difficult to achieve. please please give zoom back this feature.

I agree wholeheartedly with all that has been said, and was surprised when I googled the issue to find that others had complained about it. Another reason to add to the justification is that many casual users have no idea how to get themselves back to gallery view after the switch, so remain in speaker view for the rest of the meeting.