Multiple spotlight video ( picture in picture)

When I host a meeting it sometimes becomes necessary for there to be more than one person who I like to be in a spotlight video.

I would like to know if there is a feature that would allow one speaker to have a spotlight video and other necessary speaker in a picture in picture format for everyone in the meeting.(not the host)

There is always the option of muting everyone and with no spotlight video enable the screen to switch between the two,but it becomes irritating after a while.

Basically how can I show more than one person on a participant screen (picture in picture) as a spotlight video

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Hey @arya.96.raj,

Currently you can do this with gallery view if everyone else has their video turned off.

For the ability to actually spotlight multiple participants, please submit that feature request directly:


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We have a common use case where two people are presenting at the same time (co-presenters) and need to both be spotlighted. It would be great if Zoom supported two (or more!) spotlighted participants. Thanks!