Introduce Setting to control whether Live Stream shows Gallery or Speaker View [Feature Request]

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
A host is able to Live Stream the Zoom feed directly to another service (e.g. YouTube etc.) - which is great and we use it all the time. However, the Live Stream simply streams the hosts “view mode” (i.e. Gallery or Speaker mode). We need the host to be able to work in Gallery mode, but the Live Stream to be in Speaker mode.

Describe the solution you’d like
An account setting/option called “Live Stream View Mode” which could be “Same as Host”, “Gallery” or “Speaker View”.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
At present, we have two PCs - one to act as HOST which is always in SPEAKER view and does the streaming, and a separate PC (co-host) for the operator to use in Gallery mode. This is far from ideal. The other option is to use something like OBS to capture the ZOOM feed ourselves and relay it to the streaming service. This places a higher burden on the host’s PC and reduces the quality of the relayed stream.

Additional context
Since COVID-19, our organization uses ZOOM extensively in (literally) tens of thousands of congregations worldwide. Talking to other administrators this is a common problem.

Hope this helps!


We are dealing with the same issue and if Zoom had the options you mentioned in order to choose which view is sent to live stream would be amazing.

Zoom just keeps getting better, enhancing the stream options would be a great addition.

Thanks from Erik in Clayton, NC, USA

Another simple thing you can try: just “spotlight” the video that that Speaker mode would show. Even if the host is in Gallery mode, the Live Stream will show only one of the video feeds when it is spotlighted.