Return to Galley View after Spotlight cancel

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
While the cancel Spotlight action automatically reverts participants’ views back to Speaker View, it becomes cumbersome for participants to have to manually revert back to Gallery View if that was the view from which they were forced into Spotlight.

Describe the solution you’d like
The cancel Spotlight feature should simply revert the participant view back to their previous view, whether Speaker or Galley view.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Reminding participants that they can go to galley view. Kludgy.

Additional context
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Super important feature! It would organize the experience, making it more intuitive and simpler.

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Although over 150 people viewed this topic, it seems there is not much interest in this improvement idea… SMH. Thanks for your support @ziemilski

This is very important. We use Zoom in a broadcast environment, and it would be great if this reset automatically so we didn’t have to touch each production machine

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@mmediaman Very surprised at your comment that there is not much interest in this improvement. It’s the most obvious disadvantage of using “Spotlight”. As soon as the host uses “Spotlight” for the first time in a meeting and then subsequently cancels it, everybody in the meeting is forced out of gallery into speaker view. I’ve been in many Zoom meetings where somebody then has to tell everybody how to put themselves back to gallery view - many Zoom users are not experts on Zoom controls and are relying on the host to optimise the view experience for them.

I regard the current behaviour (i.e. not reverting participants’ view to what it was before the spotlight) as a bug that should certainly be addressed. The current behaviour means that as a host, I am very reluctant to use “Spotlight” at all, as so many participants dislike the aftermath of its use.

Ian there just isn’t much activity on the topic thread. So I speculate that sadly that means there is no traction to get it changed…

I so wish development houses would poll people instead of waiting for ppl to find subjects to vote on.