Gallery View is not working in Firefox/Safari

Using the latest Meeting Web SDK 1.9.9 with Origin Trials for SharedArrayBuffers and WebAssembly SIMD.

Gallery view works in Chrome but it is not working in Firefox (v. 92.0.1 64bit) or Safari (v. )



Is this a known issue or am I missing something in my setup?

Hey @ckarpyszyn ,

That is expected. Chrome is the only browser that supports gallery view at the moment.


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Thanks, Tommy; any plans or ETA for other browsers? Would it be possible to get a slightly technical explanation for it? What does Chromium have that the other browsers do not have?

Greetings, @ckarpyszyn ,

Happy to help! Gallery view requires SharedArray buffer and OffscreenCanvas when multiple videos are enabled. Currently, this requirement is not included in Firefox or Safari. The ETA for this support is dependent on those browsers incorporating the latest web technologies to ensure the best video playback.


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