Game Engine Integration. Has this been done?

Apologies if this has been resolved before! Any old discussions on this are now locked so I couldn’t ask questions there

I’m looking at the feasibility of a project to connect zoom with our virtual reality training experiences (so that an external coach can work remotely with an individual who is in VR)

Not too complicated…

Audio and Video of screen from student / VR headset microphone
Audio from coach back to the student using the headset speakers

Only challenge I have is the need for the student to be able to answer / end a call with the coach from within the headset. Plus, ideally a connection status displayed to the student so they know that their internet is stable


Has anyone done a UE4 plugin?
If not, what would this take to do?
Is zoom a suitable platform to do this?

I have 3 unreal engine developers in our team but they’re all flat out on source code work at the moment! Any help or comments very much appreciated

Thank you so much for the best post ever. I was looking for something similar to this and finally got it here. Keep sharing such posts and we would love to share it.