Gatekeeper load error with latest SDK

When launching a notarized app with latest SDK, MacOS throws a gatekeeper error that prevents the user from launching the app.

I believe there is some build issue on the Zoom SDK side that has emerged since the last SDK. Possibly an absolute path is being used instead of a relative path for a newly-added dylib file?

Which macOS Meeting SDK version?
MacOS 12.5
SDK (fails)
SDK (untested, presumably fails)
SDK (works)

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Add SDK to an application
Sign/notarize the application
Export the application and compress
Send to another machine
Decompress the application and move to application folder
Double click the application

File /Applications/…/Frameworks/libzoombase_crypto_shared.dylib failed on rPathCmd /users/zoom/Jenkins/workspace/Client/PSO/PSO_SDK/Mac/release_intel/Zoombase/client/build-protobuf-2.4.1/lib/libssl.dylib (rpath resolved to: (path not found)

Should see a gatekeeper error. Console reports an error with some Jenkins path

Do not sign SDK files

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