Generate a URL for a password protected meeting that was shared with me

I continue to get invited to meetings by less savvy users who simply copy and paste the meeting ID and password into the calendar invite without a URL.

I have the meeting ID.
I have the password.

This is frustrating and it seems unnecessarily so, as I then get to copy and paste both into the zoom interface… A tedious process involving a number of clicks, when only one should be achievable.

I cannot seem to find a way to generate a URL when I have both pieces of information to make this one click instead of many. I saw a thread that was closed as solved, but I don’t believe the issue was actually solved here: How to generate "join" URL given ID and password?

That thread seemed to imply that having a single URL is a significant security threat over having just the meeting ID and password. Is there is an actual security issue with me having a single click URL to join a meeting, to which I already have the meeting ID and password? Especially as so many other meetings have sent out URLs. If so, can you please explain? I enjoy filling the gaps in my security knowledge, which is admittedly imperfect.

If this is a reasonable request, I would love a simple way to generate the URL with the meeting ID and password.

The alternative I’ve considered is trying other conferencing platforms. I hope my sharing of this does not occur as a threat. I understand this inconvenience is unlikely to cause any significant number of people to abandon zoom or even to consider alternatives. It’s simply the answer to the question posed in the template.

Hopefully I’ve communicated the information recommended in this form clearly. If not, I am glad to share more information an interactive fashion if any of this is unclear or incomplete.