Generate dial-in details for panelists

How to generate dial-in details (participant-id and password) for panelists

Hi @glim884, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

The join_url of a webinar (retrieved in the response when creating a webinar, or through the Get a Webinar API) can be shared with a panelist along with the password. If they are logged in, this will join them as the panelist.

hi @michael.harrington

The join url in Get a Webinar API is only the url to join in BROWSER.
Is it possible to get the data (using the api) needed by a panelist to join through TELEPHONE as described in Joining a meeting by phone only

Hey @arvinb450,

The dial in details are also returned from the Create Webinar and Get Webinar endpoint.

@shrijana.g, Can you see why the dial in list is missing from the Get Webinar endpoint docs?


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hi @tommy, @shrijana.g
I can sucessfully retrieve the “global_dial_in_numbers” using the Get Webinar endpoint, however as stated in Joining a meeting by phone, a panelist would need to enter PARTICIPANT ID. Is it possible to retrieve the PARTICIPANT ID?

Hi @arvinb450,

I checked with the associated team and they informed that for users who are trying to join the Webinar via dial-in, they should not enter participant id, they can press “#” when prompted for participant id, and they will be identified by the global dial in number.