Guests who dial in do not get participant webhooks?

We use participant webhooks to understand who has joined a meeting.
It appears that if the dial in via a phone (e.g. a toll free number) those hooks never fire?

See Meeting /phDftwZQberTyzOoEY+Mg== / 81002737146

Is this the case? If not, why did this meeting never fire the hook for the PSTN guest?

Hi @jimig,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and great question.

Because Participant IDs for attendees are only generated once an attendee has joined via computer, a webhook for Participant Joined will unfortunately not be triggered for phone-only attendees. (You can see #4 under “Join by Telephone Only” in this article).

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

Thanks for the explanation Will- can you advise how we can access the same data for this payload via APIs? Specifically we’d like to know join/leave time

I just ran a test and dialed in as a guest over the phone.

I appear to have a webhook with their join details?

Meeting: 83344332424 / WrL4s9YPTOSDNyYsDY4cWw==
Participant: 16787456

How was this possible?

Hi @jimig,

When you joined this meeting by dial in, did you provide a participant ID, or did you simply enter meeting number, followed by #?

Let me know,

Hi Will, I just joined with the meeting ID and did not pass a participant ID.

Hi @jimig,

Thank you for clarifying. We are looking into this (ZOOM-158133).


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