Generating a publishable url for my app

My app was rejected because of lack of information about the app and the attributes of user permissions.

Which App?
just knock

this is the link:
this is the code: at github sanchitpandey/ZoomOauthFlow
apk google drive /file/d/1rL0s7jDcBAbNbkV7iakg2iiAOO0SPAC9/view?usp=sharing

and the idea of the app is to help people connect with their friends to quickly create a zoom session with not too many clicks. that’s why we want these permissions.
We want people to connect better

If your app is not published, it can only be tested by the users belonging to the same account as yours.

We do not support private internal apps or connectors to be shared and installed outside of the developer’s Zoom account. We can allow your unpublished app to be shared outside of your account as long as it is intended to be shared for external testing for a short period of time. In such scenarios, you may request Zoom to allow you to share your app manually. Please note that you should select the “intend to publish the app” option to consider this request.

If your request is approved, you can share your Publishable URL for the app’s installation. To generate the Publishable URL, you will still have to select the “Intend to publish this app on Zoom Marketplace” and provide all the required information needed for registering your app.

  1. You can request to share the app by clicking on the ‘Request to share this app outside this account’ URL.

  2. After you make the request, the following text will change to - Request to share this app outside your account has been sent.

  3. If Zoom approves your request, you will see a message that says - This URL can be shared with users outside this account to install the app.

Ensure that you provide a valid reason you need to app to be shared outside your account. We restrict approvals for Publishable URL sharing for Apps whose integrity we are unable to verify.

To know more, please visit marketplace zoom /docs/guides/publishing/sharing-private-apps.

I hope the above information helps; please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Hey @shai.spetgang,

Please implement the feedback from the App Reviewers so you can publish your app on the marketplace. :slight_smile:

If you would like to limit who can install your app, you can follow this guide here:


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