Generating a SSO token for use with Client Side API Call : loginWithSSOToken

We have a custom application, Quicklaunch, that is currently joining meetings with Zoom with cached credentials

We would like to provide our customers with the ability to be connected when they have enabled SSO.

It appears that if I cache and use the token locally then I should be able to login in with a token:

This leaves me with the obvious question: Where in the various SSO (IDP) providers that Zoom supports do I generate my magic SSO authentication token.

Azure AD and AD make up the majority of our folk but we have OKTA and even a few Google Customers as well. Searching for “token” in the MSFT Documentation will not get me very far, very fast so it would really help if one of you kind souls could help me with

a) The naming of names: What is this token called by the various providers.
b) Any links to instructions you may have for generating the token.
c) Clarification if I’m asking the right question. It could be I am simply confused and this doesn’t do what I think it does.,

d) If I can’t do what I’m hoping I can, is there a way to disable SSO for individual accounts? I haven’t been able to find directions to enabling some accounts for SSO and not for others.

Thanks very much

Hi @robertfontaine,

Thanks for the post. The logWithSSOToken is expecting a token that is returned from the Zoom Web. If you are having SSO integration with Zoom, once the SSO auth is passed, the Zoom backend will return a token and that is what this interface is looking for. The following instruction might be helpful:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hello Carson,

Can I check if I understand you correctly ( we haven’t enabled SSO for Zoom our own company so I can’t see what you are saying at the moment ).

For the sdk call

(void)loginWithSSOToken:(NSString *)ssoToken remeberMe:(BOOL)remeberMe
    [[[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getAuthService] loginWithSSOToken:ssoToken remeberMe:YES];
  1. Is the SSO Token generated on the Zoom Website for the Account?
  2. Is the ability to do so on the Vanity URL Page?
  3. If our Application uses the SSO Token does this effectively allow us to bypass ( Azure AD, AD, OKTA and login to the Zoom and launch the Meeting?

I will give call support today and see if I can find someone that can understand what I’m talking about.
application integration isn’t a normal tier 1 help desk call.

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