Integrating Zoom SSO with custom windows app

We have a custom windows app that uses userid/password to connect into Zoom using the Zoom Windows SDK. We want to support SSO. Is our app responsible for interfacing with the SSO provider to get the SSO token (then passing to Zoom SDK)? Or is there a call within Zoom SDK that will interactively log in the user (with SSO) and return their SSO Token so we can use it on subsequent sessions.

Zoom SDK Version 4.6.21666.428

Hi @don_ucw,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. SDK has an interface(loginWithSSO) to accept SSO token that is returned from the Zoom backend. So in order to perform SSO login, you will need to first have an SSO integration with us. Please contact if you would like to establish an SSO integration.


Thanks Carson, our organization already has SSO. Is there any sample code that shows getting the SSO token from the Zoom backend and then calling loginWithSSO?


Hi @don_ucw,

Thanks for the reply. If you have already had an SSO integration with us, then there is an SSO token that is returned from the Zoom backend, pass that token to the loginWithSSO method will allow login with SSO.

Here is the sample code to use the login with SSO method in Windows SDK:

And we do not have the sample code for the SSO token request since that is out of the scope of SDK interfaces and it might be slightly different for different SSO auth requests. If you have an SSO integration with Zoom, please contact Zoom support at and the SSO integration team would be able to help you.

Hope this helps. Thanks!