Generating QR code for Zoom meeting invites

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Would like QR codes to be generated along with meeting invite with a url so a user can join a Zoom meeting by clicking the url from mobile camera application

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Yes, qr codes for meeting invites will be good. Other users already write simple howto it can be done with invite link: How to Create a QR Code for Zoom Meetings -

Sheesh they make it hard to help someone out. Had to sign in and make an account. Anyways.

While trying to do this myself I did run across the solution mentioned here with just making a qr code on the meeting join link. That is not what I would like. I would prefer a QR code that downloads the invite either into the app and the meeting schedule or into a calendar. That way I can put up a qr code on a flyer for an event. Instead of having to put up the whole invite info.