Get a meeting api returns error code 3001, meeting does not exist


I’m am using the get a meeting api with a meetingId I got using the meetings report api.

For some reason, the get a meeting api returns an error with code 3001 and message: meeting does not exist.

I’ve tested the meetingId with several other api’s including get past meeting details, get meeting detail reports and get meeting participant reports. They are all returning a valid response.

Is there a particular reason that only the get a meeting api returns this error?

The meeting uuid is V6dcO6vOT5uYwCZvbjztQQ==

“code”: 3001,
“message”: “Meeting does not exist: ***.”

Hello, @alexle !

Happy to help here. Typically, this error is thrown when you are trying to query a meeting that is not associated with your user/account. Are you able to find this meeting id when you call the List Meetings api?


Hi Brandon,
Thanks for replying.

Using the List Meetings api doesn’t seem to return that meeting.

Comparing the results between the Get meeting reports and the List Meetings results, it seems that the List Meetings api is not returning meeting of type 1 (Instant Meetings).

Does the Get a meeting api support instant meetings?
I couldn’t find in the documentation anything about the api only supporting specific meeting types.

Hey @alexle ,

The Get meeting api is intended to get information on an upcoming meeting that has not yet started, using the meeting ID instead of the UUID.

To retrieve information about a past meeting, you’ll want to use the Get Past Meeting Details API , using the meeting UUID. Let me know if this helps.


Hi Brandon,

Thanks for clarifying that. The reason I was using the get a meeting api was because I’m missing the timezone of the meeting, which seems to only be returned by that api.

Is there an alternative api that I could get the timezone of the meeting? I can’t find it anywhere else.


Hey @alexle,

Unfortunately, we don’t have an API that will return the time zone that a meeting was previously hosted in. If you would like this feature to be considered for a future release, I recommend posting in the #feature-requests category.


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