Get active and inactive users in one API call

I want to get all the active and inactive users in one API call.
Is it possible to get it done without calling one time to get active users and next time to get inactive users?

List users API only return active or inactive at a time.

Hi @gupta_shivanshu,

This is not currently possible—you’ll need to do two separate calls.

That said, you raise a great use case, and I can definitely appreciate why it would be helpful to fetch all users at once. If you’re so inclined, I might recommend submitting a feature request for this here: #feature-requests


Hi Will,

The way we are consuming zoom api to get the user details, to get complete set of data we need to make 3 separate calls for active, inactive and pending users.
There should be an option for “status=all”. The benefits are

  1. Avoiding 3 separate calls to get aggregated data.
  2. Products which have tasks for aggregations of user data doesn’t provide the out of box functionality to make 3 different calls to get complete data. In this case we have to write a lot of custom code and merge the result which is a big pain. This would be just solved if we could provide an option to get all( active, inactive and pending users) users in one go.

Submitted Get active, inactive and pending users in one API call

Thanks for submitting this feature request, @gupta_shivanshu!

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