Get all instances of a meeting


Is there a way I can get all the instances of a meeting through the API?

Basically I want the information that the Dashboard Get Meeting Detail (metrics/meetingdetail) provides me but for every instance of the meeting. It looks like Get Meetings Details requires that I pass it the uuid of a meeting and it returns me details about that meeting instance. It would be nice if there was a function I could call that I could pass it the host id and the meeting id and it will give me the information that Get Meeting Details gives me but for every instance of the meeting. It would also work if I had a function that I could pass it the host id and meeting id and it would just give me all the uuids(instances) related to this meeting and then I could loop through them and call Get Meeting Detail with each uuid.


Hi Dirk,

You could use the List meetings API call ( ); pass the host id and you get all meetings under that hosts’ account, and then you can retrieve meeting ids from the response and call metrics/meeting detail.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for responding Ammar.

I looked at the List Meeting API but it looks like it only returns me the current instance/uuid for the meeting just like the Get Meeting Info API call does. It doesn’t show me all instances/uuids for the meeting.

Also, is there a reason why I need to pass in 1 or a 2 into the Get Meeting Detail API call? It seems like a meeting instance can not be live and past at the same time. If I passed in just the uuid for the meeting instance into the Get Meeting Detail API call couldn’t there be a field like status that is returned with a 0 Not Started, 1 Live or 2 Past?


Hey Dirk,

I see, in the case of all instances of a meeting(that you’ve hosted), meeting/get API should do the trick for you.

Also, you may be aware of the API playground where you can test our APIs and check the response, helps development efficacy.