Get all meeting and webinars

I am developing a zoom integration for my customer. 

We have a couple of admins and are creating users in zoom, who can create a new meeting and or webinar. 

From the API specification, I can not find a way to get all meetings or webinars without supplying a user_id. 

My question is: “Is it possible to get all meetings and webinars for an account?”



Dennis Christensen

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Hi Dennis,

Depends on what your goal is. If your after the the meeting details, it is limited to getting by user. If you’re looking for a summary, there is a meetings report api

And… Just realized that is per user too

Any update on this? I’m interested in getting a list of all meetings/webinars as well, not just from a specific user.


You can consider using the following APIs:

For meetings:
For Webinars:

Please note that these APIs are available for only Paid accounts that have enabled dashboard feature.