Get CallLogs for Master Account and Sub-Accounts

We’ve a master account with 2 extra sub-accounts configured and we need to get the callLogs for all the accounts. We’ve tried to create a app (Server-to-Server OAuth) for each account but it did not work and all of the apps are only returning data from the master account (using the Zoom Phone API 2.0.0).

We also tried to use the Zoom Meeting Master Account API 2.0.0 but we are getting the following error “Zoom Phone has not been enabled for this account.” what does not make sense because we have Zoom phone enabled on all the accounts. For these calls we are passing the accountId of the master account.


  • All apps have been created with a user with administration rights.
  • The accountId used on the master API calls is the same Account ID found on the app credentials. We also validate that value using the endpoint: Zoom Meeting API{userId} , and passing me instead of userId as suggested in other question here at the forum.

So, to summarise the questions are the following:

  1. How can I get CallLog data for all the accounts configured (master and subaccounts) ?

  2. Is it possible to have different Zoom apps per account/sub-account? If is possible are the API rate limits defined per account/sub-account? Or shared between them?

  3. If the only solution is to use the master API, what I’m doing wrong?


Hi @jorge.correia ,

Happy to help! Please assist with the following?:

Can you confirm the “manage sub account role” is enabled on your account?

Do you have a server-to-server OAuth app for the master account as well?

Which exact endpoints are you using across each API request?

Hi @gianni.zoom

Yes the account has the “manage sub account role” enabled.

We have create 3 server-to-server apps, one on the master account, then we selected each one of the 2 subaccount and created an app for it… However all the 3 apps are returning only the master account data. BTW all apps have the same AccountId what seems weird to me?

Regarding the endpoints:

  • Invoking the endpoint " Get account’s call logs" [link] using the 3 apps’ credentials returns always the master account data.

  • Invoking the similar endpoint on the Zoom Phone Master Account API [link] I’m getting the following error “Zoom Phone has not been enabled for this account.” as indicated in my previous message.