GET meetings registrants return 404

I have meetings of some months ago (January, February) that return 404 with
GET /meetings/{meetingId}/registrants

Same problem with GET /users/{userId}/webinars for listing webinars

Is there a time frame within which to obtain this data with the api?



Hi @formazione2,

It’s possible the meeting or webinar IDs could have expired if it’s been some time since they were last held. Please see our Meeting/Webinar ID validity length/policy here:
Meeting and Webinar IDs – Zoom Help Center.

Let me know if this might be the case,

Thanks for reply
So if I need to know the subscribers for the meetings, do I have to extract the data immediately after the end and preserve the data on my db?

Hey @formazione2,

Most meeting IDs are valid for 30 days after the last meeting instance, so that data will remain accessible during that time, but not after. But note that depending on the meeting type, the expiration period may be longer/shorter, based on the article I shared above.


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