Get meetings with Registration Required

Description: I’m interested in getting all participants for meetings that require registration. It does not appear that the checkbox “Registration” or the “Registration Link” fields are available on endpoint:
GET# /users/{userId}/meetings

Is that correct? Is there another way to query on only registration required meetings?

Hey @rmiller

Thanks for posting on the Zoom Devforum! I am still learning, but I will try my best to help answer your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks DeveloperBot, but those threads don’t help me solve my issue.

Hey @rmiller,

We do not have a registration filter for the Get Meetings endpoint. Feel free to add this as a feature request: #feature-requests

If you are trying to get registrants for a meeting we do have the List Meeting Registrants endpoint.

I am happy to explore alternative solutions if you share more about your use case. :slight_smile:


Thanks @tommy

Here’s the URL for the Workflow that I’ve been building:

Here’s the use case: Zoom meetings and registrations to Salesforce

  1. Get upcoming Zoom meetings that require registration (“Registration” field does not appear to be exposed via the Zoom API, so right now I’m just testing based on “Test” contained in the Zoom Meeting Topic field.
  2. Create or match to Salesforce Campaigns with Salesforce Campaign record type of Event and then match based on Zoom meeting ID on Campaign record
  3. Get Zoom Meeting Registrants for only those Zoom meetings and push to Salesforce leads or contacts (matching on email)
  4. Create Salesforce Campaign Member records with status of “Registered” for Zoom Meeting Registrants
  5. After the meeting, update Campaign Member records with status of “Attended” for Zoom Meeting Attendees (Note that this is a different object than Zoom Registrants).

Really about as far as I’ve gotten on this one is step #1 & #2, For #3, I’m having trouble getting the my integration’s list helper to work to filter to just the Zoom Registrants from the Zoom Meetings in the list helper from step 1. I can work that out in Tray though.

Next question: How do I authenticate to get access to all meetings and all meeting registrants/attendees for all of my organization’s users? I thought that might be via a Get Accounts, but that seems to be for resellers of Zoom, is that correct?

Hi @rmiller,

If you have an admin role on your organization’s Zoom account, you should be able to access all meeting data via the Dashboards > List Meetings endpoint:

Another option would be to subscribe to the Meeting Created webhook, so that you’re aware of all meetings being scheduled:

From either of the above resources, you can grab the meeting IDs to query the Meeting Registrants:

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks @will.zoom I’m all set on that front. I appreciate your help!

No problem, please let us know if you still have outstanding questions for us @rmiller.


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