Get Past Meetings with tracking fields

My requirement is simple here, I want to get the user specific past meeting using user email,
See the endpoint below,
I can get only meeting related data. What I want here this API should return us the tracking field info. To get the tracking field here I need to make one extra call and it’s creating overhead on the application. Could you please help here?

Can anyone please help me here?

Hi @ghanshyam.kulkarni
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our Developer Community!
Can you please share with me what extra call are you making to get those tracking fields?

Have you tried looking into our Reports endpoint?

Hi @elisa.zoom We are calling to users/emailId/meetings GET call to get the users past meetings and therafter since we don’t get the tracking field details in the response we are calling API to get tracking fields. Could you please let me know which API I can call to get the desire response

Hi there!
I was looking into our Dashboard endpoints and it looks like you could benefit from the Get/Metrics/Meetings endpoint

Here we don’t have a user email field in the request body. I need to get the users meeting from the user email.

I see @ghanshyam.kulkarni
Unfortunately, we do not have an endpoint available for that.
Feel free to make a feature request here:

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