Get the call_log with a call_queue and not a user

Is it possible on the Zoom Server-to-server API to retrieve all call_logs related to a call queue, because in the online documentation, nothing indicates the relationship between these two variables.

It’s possible to get call_logs from users (with a number linked to a user) but if I change the “user” to a “call_queue” instead, I get a 404 error, so the resource doesn’t seems to be related.

However, according to the call_queue documentation, it’s possible to get the recordings, so I would like to know why this link exists and how to access the call_logs with a call_queue ?

If this link doesn’t exist, I would like to know which method you would advice to get all the call_logs linked to a call_queue without having to make a list of the call_queue numbers, which could be changed.

Hi @solene.miceli
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!

I do not think there is a method available to get all call logs linked to a call_queue. Since each call queue has certain users, you will have to query the call queue first to get users’ IDs and then get the call logs for each user.

Feel free to make a feature request here for this: